Hey everyone,

I'm fourteen, and I'm looking to build my own guitar this summer as I'm gonna have a lot of time on my hands.

I've been playing for two years now, and I play everything from Indie to Blues to Heavy Metal, so I have quite a wide range of musical taste!

At the moment I have quite a nice Gould Black Custom LP which has served me fine up until now, I just want something slightly lighter and less sort of 'special' if you get what I mean. I just want a pretty neat guitar to play and practice with, and maybe even use at some gigs.

But anyway, should I buy a pre built body or make my own? I'm looking for a pretty original style guitar, but I don't know which is cheapest.

What neck should I be looking for if I play all sorts of music?

My biggest question - pickups. I'm looking for some trusty pickups that can pull of a crunchy sounding classic tone, thick-distorted Slipknot sound and a nice bluesy tone too! I'm willing to spend a lot of time saving up for the pickups, so please tell me some nice ones!

I'll try and think of some more questions as I'm pretty tired and the moment and I'm sure I haven't written everything down...

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!


i would go with a strat. they are pretty easy to build. im not sure about pickups though. i heard kinmans (i dont think thats how its spelled) were pretty good...well there at least pretty expensive haha