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Summer Lends Itself To Song

Wind chimes still sing as if summer never left,
As if you never came and went.
Your lungs still sigh symphonies
In each delicate exhaling breath.
Porch swings and tennis nets
Will be taken down again,
But I noticed the cherry tree still bobs and
You sing the same enchanting songs
As if the words never changed.
And if it wouldn't hurt so much if we had never met,
Then I'd still ask your name again.
This summer shuts its eyes before me.
The last rain before winter, your cheeks ran wet,
Whispering last words in my ear.
The autumn breeze still sings
And so will we.

An Epic Poem minus All the Criteria

Lucid light, it strikes with all its might
Against the awkward advances of the oncoming storm
Do not fear, for this will only warn
Of the storm soon to come, as soon as a setting sun or
As near as an obnoxious moon
If only, if only, every simile were you

So run off to the races, this isn't the best time for anyone to make faces
I've never seen such acceptance in such a vat of pure hatred
The towers will burn like a stack of wood juxtaposed against all that is good
And they'll crumble as we find ourselves immersed together under such a putrid pile of rubble?

Excuse me miss
Those words are moving much too fast for even your picture-perfect lips
But I guess that's why they call it a kiss
Because no matter what language you speak it always sounds the same
And no matter the length or all the mustered amount of strength
The sound of a kiss is something that never can change
Blue... do I need to post reasons? I've never actually voted.
from.lashes.to.ashes || from.lust.to.dust
Wow, three claimed votes. This ends tonight, any last minute votes?

And I haven't set up a comp in a long time, do unclaimed votes count?