ok i want to build some pa speakers. Powered ones if possible. Or figure out how to build a powered amp. I am basically on an amazingly tight budget. But I do have access to some materials and stuff. I could probably get some old car speakers and would. I can get wires and canabalize some power adapters and stuff. Does anyone have any reccomendations of websites or anything? I have a mixer. An old tapco 6 channel that my uncle gave to me because he didnt want. It has two hi outputs, a monitor output, and a low output. So I was hoping to figure something out. I havent got a job. This rig would just be for parties and last minute stuff at coffe shops and stuff, so it doesn't have to sound amazing. Anyone, any suggestions?
No you definately don't want to build powered PA speakers they are going to be so damn heavy, I'd get a seperate power amp it won't run you that much. As for speakers you could definately build them and they arent that complex. Find two tweeters and two drivers. And then two crossovers, and then youll need some wood and tolex for the enclosure. You should be able to find wiring online just google it.
google the term "shavano"

One of the first sites on the list is one that has all sorts of info for you. colomar.shavano or something like that. I'd give you the URL but you'll forget it, if you jsut remember shavano, you can google it later in life
mk, that shavano site is really great. thanks! buutt, so am i gonna need a seperate power amp for each output?
u don't need tolex you can just paint them
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Uh, post a picture of the back of the mixer. Somewhere somehow there should be an output that has all frequencies. Otherwise you could buy a stereo amp and use one channel for his and one for lows. And yeah that shavano site is kick butt.
i ripped some speakers out of an old stereo, theyre like 4 inchers or something like that, 9 watts, 3 ohms each.
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