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i haven't actually tried the pod xt but the gt-8 has lots of effects and gives a wide range of different sounds! it hasn't got to many different wah programs so if your wanting one that gives lots of wah-program than the gt-8 is not the one to get!

Rack effects are where its at.

If you GOTTA choose between these 2, GT-8.
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GT-8, better effects and dist. and its better for live playing and just jamming, once you figure it out its amazing, its not as complicated as some people think you just have to sit down with it and kinda mess with it, and generally its better to get a seperate wah pedal from your multi-effects pedals anyways so then you can use the unit for your distortion and effects and then run a wah on top of that, you can press the wah button at any time though and you can always make any sound you want really, ive had the GT-6 for over a year now and it is awesome and was very good for the price
I've been using my Podxt Pro with all the model packs through the PA recently and I am impressed. I've got really good Van Halen tones, Brian May tones, Nickelback tones, etc. One of my patches sounds just like my triple rectifier...so much so that I haven't even used my recto in a couple months!
ibanez i think you should here some more opinions before you buy the gt-8.....i can send you some sound clips i made with the XT if you want

Anyway i tried the gt-8 out at the store it was really hard to figure out...very complicated.The gt-8 has more effects but alot of them are very useless.I have the podxt and i love it.The model packs are cool too and it sounds very good when you recored straight into the computer.Also if you get the podxt you can edit your tones on the computer with line 6 edit or GuitarPort wich is very usefull and doesnt have any latency problomes.The amp models are great on the xt and sound very close to the originals.If you want to use it for practice thats good too becase it sounds awsome through headphones

So i would go with the XT if you want to record striaght into the computer.I havent used it for a live setup yet though so i cant tell you about that.
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Do a search. There were several in-depth discussions about this in the last couple of weeks that gave a lot of useluf info not found in this thread.
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thank you guys. i did a research and i found the discussions about the gt-8 and pod xt live and it really helps me.