Hey guys,
Earlier I posted a song and the drums weren't done that well and it was sort of rushed. I recorded this with live drums and then redid the guitar parts.

This simply a part of a song. Most likely this will be the ending of a song that I am working on. I am new to writing lead stuff and mostly have written stuff for my hardcore band which usually consists of powerchords, octaves and some other stuff. I hope to write a sort of fade to black style song out of this but a little different. Crit me and I will crit your stuff.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Guitar were done with Microcube on Recto model for the lead and the Classic Stack for the rhythm. For the drums I have a old mic I bought at wal mart a long time ago. Doesn't sound horrible and it works. I run this through the Cube and then into the computer.
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bump... please comment. I want to know what you guys think of the recording quality, the actual song and also what I should add to it if anything.

There's no link on your new thread. Found the link on the first one. Take 2 is a slight improvement from Take1. Still not much to critique though given the length.

For a first recording of a riff, it's not bad. I'm in a similar situation with using a keyboard for drums, but I'm able to record different tracks so it doesn't quite sound cheesy.

When you get a chance, please crit mine.
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