Is there any other guitars, that are much better in the same price range, which is 500-600$? no more then 600 though!

I prefer Ibanez and Schecter?

But i hear bad stuff about the Ibanez pickups? and that they have to be changed should i just get a schecter then? And the neck's are supposed to be more thinner and comfortable on the ibanez right?

anwayyz could some1 jsut give me the lay down on the difference between schecter and ibanez, and what a good guitar might be under 600$?

thankz i appreciate it,.

how about this one? just found it

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yes, that seems to be an excellent guitar. the only thing i don't like about jumbo frets is with too much pressure your note can be easily bent out of proper tune. 24 frets, excellent humbucker pickups, a solid tremolo system with locking nuts, pretty guitar: I'd buy this guitar.
I play a jackson RR-5, which is basically the same play and setup just different body shape.
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You should check out the Jackson DK2T (as long as you don't mind not having a trem). It's fairly new, and I got mine new for $550 from a local shop. It comes with the Duncan JB+Jazz combo (which totally owns my old Dimarzio X2N+Air Norton combo, by the way), 24 frets, alder body, yadayadayada.

Check it out on this random website: http://www.onlinestagegear.com/brand/Jackson/PRO/dk2T.HTML
also if you dont mind not having a trem, and live in the U.S. you should check out guitar center's exclusive ibanez model. it comes with emg designed p/u's but they dont sound that much different then HZ's. and plus it's only like.... $399 usd.

I don't know if that's exactly what you're looking for though.
That's a decent guitar.. except the trem. Look up an Ibanez RVX220, or a 220DX.. I own the RVX220DX.. 24 jumbo frets.. sharktooth inlays.. no trem.. Fairly cheap. Same humbucker pick ups as that guitar there. Whatever floats your boat.
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anwayyz could some1 jsut give me the lay down on the difference between schecter and ibanez, and what a good guitar might be under 600$?

Specs are similar on both, but a stoptail wins in my book because it has no trem. Edge Pro II (assuming LAmusic still stocks a year old model of that RG which has the EPII) is not the best trem out there, and not the easiest to swap out. Both the RG320's and Damien's pickups are nothing to brag about. I wouldn't say EMG HZs are better than Ibanez Infinities. Inf's are mid output, they are not very hot and are balanced so people describe them as bland. HZs are similarly unspectacular.

A good guitar in that price range, granted that you want a tremolo, is the Ibanez S470 with a ZR. If you don't want a trem, look more into Schecters - I've never heard an owner complain about theirs. Ibanez SZ series is also worth considering - they are an awesome guitar for the price in my experience.
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looks good i would buy it. (not in that color though)
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High-end Ibanez's can be fantastic, but in that price range, I've never played a really great Ibanez. Schecters on the other hand are quite awesome. Or a good number of the models are. If you want a trem, the C-1 FR has, as the name suggests, a Floyd Rose of some sort.

I prefer guitars without the trem, and you can get some sick stuff from Schecter for that. The C-1 Blackjack is $550, has 59' and JB Seymour Duncan pick-ups, 24 frets, solid body neck... Etc. Very good guitar.