what are some good solo progressions to use for a song where your just letting all your anger come out... like something like on a cheating mother ****ing girlfriend
Play this at about 180 bpm:

Play a low E5 chord for an 8th note. Play PMed 16th notes on the low E string for the rest of the measure. Continue this until the last 8th note of the second measure. Play a quick F5 chord on the last 8th note.

Good ole thrash!

this is the grumpy song >:O

[edit] my bad forgot about the "solo progressions" part
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Solo over some death metal chugs or something.

Solo with your teeth till you feel like biting the strings off. After ripping off a string or two, throw your guitar against the wall. You'll feel much better
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Just wank on a natural minor or harmonic minor scale. Honestly, the only thing you need to know is to just let all hell loose on your guitar. It's the only way to get all your anger out.
Sorry, can't help about progresssion, but try this:

1: Have three people
2: Use this scale: 1 b2 b3 b5 7
3: One plays in this key centered around C#
4: One plays in this key centered around D
5: One plays in this key centered around G
6: BPM >200

If you do this, you will wreak havoc upon all those who listen. Ears will bleed.
It's better with no teeth, trust me. Much fewer scars on my penis now that I've switched from seniors in high school to senior citizens.