hey, im headed down to guitar center tomorrow, and i was wondering what the advantages or disadvantages (if any) of a DD6 over a DD3, anyone mind explaining the difference and which one i would be better off with?

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i believe that the dd6 just has more options than the dd3, some people dont need the extra settings/options, and others do. Other than that, i think they share the same basic controls, the DD6 = more versatile, the DD6 = more money,

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if your going to get a dd6 you might as well spend the extra $20 for a giga delay so you can have 4 presets and 1 delay you can mess around with plus it will handle all the options that boss has put in a delay pedal
I lucked out, i was going to get the DD3 but they were out, so i got the DD6 for the DD3 price.

But the feature on the DD6 that I value most is the recorder. Its longer than the 3 and i use it all the time.
I like the DD3 as i dont need it for much but i heard good things about the Line 6 DL4 it is a digital modeler and its true bypass looks really good
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