I need some help learning the call of ktulu by metallica. I haven't started it yet, its just kind of a wierd song that i dont really understand because i havent really seen anybody play it. That is how i learn. So can anyone give me any tips at all?
I think the beginning is fingerpicked but I'm not sure. You could play it with a pick too though. Sorry it's not really a tip.
Okay, I can play this song so I'll give you some tips.

Intro CAN be finger picked, but from seeing the S and M DVD, it is easier using a guitar pick.

Erm, when you play the intro, take note its arpeggiated. And you should position your fingers as a Chord shape and play the notes indivudally like that. DO NOT fret out each note individually like you are playing a scale or solo as you will **** up big time.

Erm, when the electric guitar enters, remember to MUTE properly, because If you don't it will sound a bit weird and ****.

DIfferent parts of the song, the same riff is played using different degrees of muting , not serious but take note of that too.

The riffs are pretty basic .

at 05:25

Make sure when you play that riff, take note that its bassically played with the same pattern except james and kirk move up a few frets each time. So what I do is I just Bar the fret upon which the first note is played and move that bar up everytime its suppose to move up. Sounds weird coz its hard to explain but ye.

Note much else to explain, Watch the S and M DVD if you still got problems or ask me.
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