I wanna play a lot of chord filled songs since I don't practise playing with chords much. Last night I was trying to play Patience, but the one problem I had was I couldn't change chords very fast, my hands weren't good at adjusting to the new finger positions...is this something practise will fix or is there something I should be trying to do get faster at this?

And can you guys recommend some songs that would be good to play for my girl, like patience? And a link for the correct version of it, I don't know which is a good one
mayb raise your strap because if your strap is too low its harder to play
and just practice its hard to get used to (i thought the same thing when i first played standing up)
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All it takes is time and practice. Before long, this technique will become mundane for you and you will move the threshold of your ability up to more difficult things.
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Yeah a little bit of practice and you'll have chord changes down pretty easily.
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Learn some Incubus, such as the acoustic version of Pardon Me. After I mastered that song, all chords seemed easier. I would recommend you learn Drive by them, first. Those have some tougher chords but there's only 5 chords in the whole song. It will definately help, though.