Got the last of the stoptail models from Elderly for a mere $299. Red was the color I got. The shop tag on it said it was set up in April of 2004 - over 2 years ago. Who knows how long it has been since the last string change. Guess no one wanted this baby.

Played it for about an hour unplugged. Had some fret buzz in the low frets so I loosened the truss rod about 1/3 of a turn. Then raised the bass side of the bridge to raise the action just a little. Tuned her up and played for a bit, decided that was enough fiddling for now.

Plugged in to the amp and was surprised by the amount of quack it had. Started playing chords up and down the neck, listening to the intonation. It was spot on except for the low E which tended to be sharp - that may be due to setting the action too high and going sharp when fretted. That also may go away with new strings.

Ended up putting it through its paces. Played funk, metal (violently), and some blues. It held up well! I ended up playing for 3 1/2 hours only tuning a couple of times. I expect to tune less as the truss rods and strings get "settled in".

The tone pot doesn't seem to do anyhting until you turn it down to 3, then it rolls of sharply. I think I have read about the pots being changed out? The volume control didn't bother me. I could roll it off and lose some gain but still have volume enough to change the tone.

When I was shopping for this guitar it was really looking at mexican strats, which I wasn't real impressed with. I had owned one in the past and the mexicans felt and sound the same, to me, as they always did; thin, not much sustain, and go out of tune constatnly. The PRS had all three of those problems covered. It still sounds a little thin for my taste. I may switch out pickups later, but for now I will just dial the amp in on it.

For $299 this really kills lots of guitars for several hundred more. Elderly still has some left, but with the tremelo.