Does anyone know where I can buy a clear Fender strat body? I have looked on Ebay but I can only find clear finishes, or a full guitar with a clear body.

Any help will be appriciated.
You can get fiberglass guitars. Joe Perry and Keith Richards play them. Joe uses his live for playing slide.
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They're out there but they sound like **** because there's no wood. It's all plastic and the like. The only thing I would want one for would be to hang it on the wall but that's about it.
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if ya put active pups in it, i dont think the material would matter
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actually there made out of acrylic. they actually dont sound too bad, because for the most part a guitars sound comes from the density of the material the body is made out of. acrylic is sorta dense, and it dont sound great but actually it dont sound bad.

as for where to get them i have absolutely no clue, you would have to search for them. but i do know oyu can get them. they may cost you a pretty penny, but there out there.

try google-ing, acrylic guitar bodies.
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Thanks Metalmilitia. An acrylic body was what I was thinking of. I just didn't know much about it. I had just seen pictures of them.
no prob man, just wish i could point you in the direction of where to get them at, but i aint got a clue.
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What is a pup?

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sir, are you a retard.
you should get the one i posted a link for, hollow it out and fill it with your own urine, thats what i would do
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that one on ebay looks awesome, it would be a bit better with a clear pickguard too though
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Actually they're made of lucite. It says in a book I have. They're rumoured to have awesome sustain because the body weighs loads, but I don't know about other tonal results the body gets though.
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Didn't Dave Grohl use one for a song or two on their tour for One by One? Or was that only in one of their videos?
Dave had an acrylic guitar and bass set that he used in the video and on tour. I think they were a gift to him or something.
BC Rich used to make acrylic guitars in all sorts of colors, I think CC Deville played them...

You could probably find a plastics company and just buy a square of the material, then cut and route it to your design.
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ive played one at a guitar store. there hella heavy like twice or triple the weight of an lp. theyve got like no tone at all.