Hey yall'. This is my first post, so I'll try to be brief.

I am looking into buying an acoustic/electric. I came across the Ibanez AEF 30 line, and reall like the looks of them. Does anyone have any experience with these?

Also, the Dean Exotic series, and the Ovation Elite series have caught my eye.

As far as money goes, I'm willing to go up to $800-$850, but would like to stay below that. I have tried the Ovation Celebrity series, but did not like the tone.

The Ibanez is what I am really interested in, as I have had several of their electrics in the past, and have been very pleased. Also, the price seems fair.

Thanks guys.
the iabez's have a great look, feel, and sound.
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well, ibanez's are mostly known for rock and metal. But ive tried out many ibanez acoustics and they sound great...and look it too. So if you want go for the ibanez, but IMO ovation is the elite of acoustic. But its your choice.
Yeah, rock/metal is what I mostly played, then I switched to blues rock. Now, I have no time for a band. So, I figured I would go acoustic, play songs for my kids. Mabey they will want to learn. I'm even thinking of selling my electric, but keeping the amp, as it has an acoustic setting.

I'l miss playing electric,but I really cant find time anymore. Acoustic would just be easier to pick-up and put-down insread of setting up eletric.
ibanez is a good brand all around
takamine im also particular too :P
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I've played this Ibanez:


This one:


And this one:


Besides the way they look, neither one particularly impressed me. The tone wasn't as... warm as I wanted, and they weren't overly comfortable to play on. Just basic mediocre guitars, from what I could tell, and in my experience, Ibanez is damn good at making mediocre guitars.

The only real recommendation I can make in this situation is the guitar that I chose over all three of them, a Washburn F52SWCE, found here:

My God, it's full of stars!