ive been playing guitar for a while, although i've pretty much only played electric. i have an acoustic, just never really played it. i've got a graduation party/ camping thing coming up, and id like to bring my acoustic, because i cant drink and need something to help pass the time and have fun with everybody. so my question is what are some songs i should learn on acoustic. i know a few that most people will know, nothing else matters, everlong and layla. but id like to have more than 3 songs. any suggestions? i wont learn DMB cause i hate that music, but im pretty much open to anything else
If you like to tab, go to the tab forum and look at the beginner songs.
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Will add more
try to find acoustic songs from some of your favorite artists. even if you have to learn them on the trip, you can still have fun playing.
Play electric stuff on acoustic,

Or learn some john mayer/ jack johnson stuff
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