Ok, I finally decided to fully test drive my Omega and record/mix my first song and looking for my first critique. This was written/thrown together rather quickly. I hope it doesn't sound like it. I'm struggling to get the audio mixdown to sound the same as it does in Cubase LE, were it sounds bright and intense. But the mp3 sounds muddy. Any suggestions?

Since I'm still building my home studio, all guitar/bass parts were played with a Jackson DXMG through a Digitech RP2000 using various customized/factory settings. The drums were played using a Casio LK-90 (anyone use the M-Audio Trigger Finger, I'm interested on your thoughts on it). It's still a work in process and I'm looking forward to re-recording with better gear...particularly the bass and drums.


Intro is pretty cool so far drums could use to be pumped up a little louder the switch around 1:25 was kind of wierd but then sunk in so it was all good. Really like the wierd voice thing going. The lead over top is good and suits the song. There really isnt enough of a climax in the song. It would be ten times better if it built up to an intense part near the end then faded out with just that voice thing. All in all a cool song.
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I like all the effects, the guitar seems low in the mix and muddy, i don't know if this is delibrate or not. I like the lead. The only real letdown for me is that the song doesnt go anywhere, no drum breat really develops or anything, it would be a 100 times more enhjoyable with some huge climax.

overally I like it.
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Thanks for the crit and good advice. I agree that the song is anti-climatic. It kind of fell together as I was playing around with layering tracks. I was feeling my way through the song with not much thought or practice. It obviously shows. Thought it had potential...gotta get anything other than the keyboard for drums though.

As far as the muddyness that was absent in Cubase, incase anyone else is experiencing similar issues, though it may be a given for most (it was my first mix other than a few guitar riffs), I mixed the audiodown at 24 KBits; 11.25 Khz. This kept the file size down for posting, but made it sound muddy (I knew the low setting would affect quality, just thought it would be in a different way). Mixing at a higher rate took care of that issue, but obviously inflates the file size. Now I need to find the right balance.
It's not anything special right now... but it has this kind of strange feeling to it, can't explain. You should work on it to make something out of it, maybe adding a climax like some said, or in some other way. The effects were cool for what I could hear. Oh and the drums were out of time. If you want to program drums (it'll take a while but then you can be sure they are precise) you can check out fruity loops or, even better, rhythm rascal which is not famous but is much more suitable for rock, metal and such than FL is.
ok before i listen
if you're looking for decent drums you might want to try out native instruments battery or steinberg groove agent 2/3
although i'd recommend groove agent over battery.
ok soooo on to the piece...
cool effect there on the intro
too much chorus on the lead in my opinion, but thats just me, dont like chorus much
i liked the build up and then sharply coming back, i'd like to see a bit more development of phrasing and melody perhaps maybe a duel guitar harmony?
the drums considering the sound of them are well thought out and do the job very well and help further set the mood of the song
also maybe getting slightly repetitive
imo i would at least put another contrasting section halfway or so just to mix it up a bit
but other than that i enjoyed listening to this piece quite a lot, would have been nice to see a slight mixing up and embellishment of your theme with a few quick runs or so
good job with the mixing also i think everything sits rather comfortably in the mix, maybe a slight boost of the drums but then take the bass frequencies down a little bit with eq
overall a good job
care to crit my piece called "the dream"? theres a link to the thread in my sig
thanks in advance and good luck with your home studio
i'd love to have a room in my house as a dedicated studio
unfortunately i just have my room, a computer and my zoom gfx8, which im replacing with a zoom g9 that im expecting sometime this week lol