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ibanez or schecter


What are we waiting for?

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the DIME guitars are good very quick neck and also the Randy Rhoads guitars, and cant forget about the ibanez guitars
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Ibanez, for obvious reasons. Some EB's can make decent, alas Petrucci.

Personally, I love the Jackson Soloist SLSMG, there's no trem, but the neck is so smooth.
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If your good, you can shred on anything. Even acoustic guitars ( I have seen it done before )
But for ease, go Ibanez, Jackson, or Anything with a flat neck.
Like Wizard said, you can shred on anything.

Gary Moore can shred on a Les Paul, a supposed slow neck instrument.
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it's true
Any guitar.

But, preferred shredding guitars would definately be Ibanez, Vigier, Jackson, ESP,etc..
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look into ESPs also, their made for shred


but if you know some shred, go out and try some, choose whatca like the best
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If your good, you can shred on anything. Even acoustic guitars ( I have seen it done before )

Ever heard of Al Dimeola?
But seriously, that guy could shred on a $99 Squier.
Ibanez is probably the biggest name when it comes to shred. RG's are fantastic for the money.
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What about Jazz heavies? Those jazz guitars are hellishly big, with huge, round necks. And they shred like mad.

Al Dimeola, Les Paul Shredder, big fat thick vintage neck.

Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, I'd say schecter but I really didn't liek the hellraisers neck, and I was totally set on buying one to!
jackson, ESP, ibanez, schecter, and some deans
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IBANEZ until you're good enough to shred on an SX
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make sure you get a good LEIKSHREDGUITAR so you can magically achieve your virtuoso capabilities.
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I'd say the guitars that have been mentioned 500 time on this thread but i dont want to be useless, i know a guy with a charvel guitar, i've never seen one around but he can shred on it, its got great sustain too, i'd check them out