This is a song im writing for my band, its not completely done yet, but feedback would be helpful.

I try to write unique songs, but sometimes I find myself writing the stuff that is practically the same which sucks.
The thing that trouble our situation is we haven't really got any songs together yet.

Our bass player is a couple notes away from just being able to play smoke on the water, the keyboard player plays mozart etc, our singer hasn't really sung yet, and our drummer can do lamb of god/metalcore drumming very well.

Everyone is in a different situation.

So I hope the band works out.
It was good in a strange way for me... I really hated the awfull repetition of each riff, but liked the basic... I'm not sure how to describe it. It just struck me as a poorly excecuted version of an excellent idea... and, personally, the progressions you used made it sound too... punkish for my concept of hardcore. Meh, that's my two cents. For what it's worth... I did like it... sort of... Oh, and about your band, as long as you are all open about what your intentions for the band are, then it will all be good. "Levels" of musicianship change rapidly, specially within a band situation where dedicated individuals will force themselves to improve to match those around them (pressure!). Nothing can keep a group together, however, if they aren't all in it for the long run and with the same goal, whatever that may be. I have a band in which I gig and play for cash, we all agree on this being our main goal: MONEY, so no one ever complains about covering poppy songs and even things we would never listen... because it's popular and that's what gets money. On the other hand, I'm also in a band where we seriously aproach death metal and hardcore in a technical way, and will only play well composed and definitly highly technical things... the thing is, we are all on the same line, working towards that same goal.
yah a little repetetive, but really well put together, lol, and i know how you feel about your band situation, lol, sadly, crit any of mine if you get a chance, there in my sig, thanks!!!