Do any of u guys have any links or lessons u that can help me with playing power chords and strumming cleaner??? Any tips or help plz???
You should just try out songs that use playing. Try something like the chord version of Hve A Nice Day by Bon Jovi. I know it's not the coolest song, but the intro should help with chords.
Btw it's the fourth fret, not the 2nd. You could also try any other song that you enjoy that use chords rather then power chords.
Have A Nice Day is an awesome tune. The solo is cool.
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Try learning songs by Iron maiden you get clean power chords and dirty and weird distorted and plus dual guitar harmonies to learn and sweet solos and all sorts of other stuff
Exercises are useless, I am against just practicing chromatics for no music.

Music is the important thing, not drills.

Play scales, strum random chord progressions etc.