what you're favorite song to play?

mine's The Chicken by Jaco Pastorius

it's not hard and i love the groove.
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I have an old bass that i never touch. I bought it to learn The Lemon Song by Zeppelin and i did

So i'll say The Lemon Song lol
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Badfish by sublime
i'm working on metropolis part 1 by dream theatre
and of course Orion by metallica, the first song i ever learned (on Bass)
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Umm, I've always enjoyed playing Longview, and here somewhat recently around the world has bee a favorite of mine as well.
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Santeria by Sublime has become a recent favorite. Can't Stop is another fun one.
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Money- PinkFloyd

I also like playing the intro to Space Dye Vest by Dream Theater.
and Dawn Patrol by Megadeth
Enter Sandman
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