hi all.. what's the different between humbuckers - single coils?? thxx
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humbuckers come in...hmm all gibsons.
can be used for any kind of music.
single coils have less about. and are more for RHCP type rock, funk, etc.
nothing mid to high gain.
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humbuckers have higher output and single coils have lower output. Humbuckers also get rid of the humming noise you may hear when you play.
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Single coils are the kind you find on a stratocaster, they have a unique twangy sound to them, however they hum a lot and have a pretty thin sound and little sustain.

Humbuckers are made for Metal and Hard rock but can also be used for other genres. They have a chunkier sound to them, on clean they can be a little muddy. Humbuckers are more recent pickups, have little to no hum and have more sustain but don't have that Twangy sound that made the single coils so ledgendary.

Singe coil genre: Country, blues, classic rock, (some) modern rock, funk (maybe), clean sound music.

Hummbuckers: Metal, hard rock, classic rock, modern rock, some blues. Mainly distortion music.
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humbuckers come in...hmm all gibsons.

Not in Juniors and every Les Paul made between 1954-56. P-90's, mutha!
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If you want to know the difference in the actual electronics in pickups look elsewhere UG will only tell you the sound dif.