I know the SansAmp Bass Driver DI thing was supposed to be really good... but this... this is the SansAmp with 3-Channel Programming...

Anyone know if the quality is any less than the normal SansAmp? The reviews there are pretty good. I just dont' have any stores around that have neither the standard BassDriver, nor the 3-Channel one. I just want to make sure that it's good for the large price tag.
I have owned both the normal sansamp and the RBI rack mount model.

I see the programmable one does not have a mid control. Mids are supposedly controlled by increasing both the bass and treble but its a load of bull.

If you want something versatile get the 3 way one, if you want something that will have a better tone and sound geddy lee get the RBI it has way more port options and a mid control which is basically the best thing on it.

I will never get rid of my Sansamp RBI.
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