It's not a complete song, just an idea. I tried to give equal attention to guitars, bass and drums. It has a kind of epic intro that might sound a little too much like "Pillars of Serpents," (I wasn't aiming for a rip-off but that's what it ended up sounding like) but then goes into something else. It sort of cuts off in the middle because I'm still working on the song. Any thoughts are welcome and I'll try to crit for crit.
I liked this! It sounds very progressively oriented and manages to really draw my attention. My only complaint/advice would be for you to vary the phrasings, specifically on the second section where it begins to get boring. Excellent work man, be sure to post the final version.
I liked it...but for some reason it sounded like a polka band gone metal. And i have no idea why...
I liked it alright. The intro seemed too long in my opinion and then it ends somewhat suddenly. Your outro kinda felt like a breakdown as well and didn't really feel "final". I was left somewhat half satisfied. I don't think it's bad, just needs some work.
Well, it's not really an outro, I'm still working on the song, the stuff I posted was just the intro bit, so I'm still working on the rest of the song.
you should post a midi file
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I loved this so much it was awesome but I think maybe a bit longer next time, but it was awesome.

Pl34s3 check out mine (its very short because its hard to play)