i got a peavey raptor plus with default strings adn idunno y but each time i get a new set, the higher notes have a skreechy sound. they dont sound clean like alot of other guitars i hear. is there sumthing wrong with my pickups?

if so wut wuld be a good type of pickup to grab.

perhaps you need a thicker guage or some good strings. dr handmade strings are ****in awesome, better than any ghs / elixir / ernieball i've played, but also more expensive.
^ no?

at GC drs cost as much as d'addarios, ernie balls, or ghs. its the elixirs that are expensive, like 15 bucks a pack ish. the others are like..5
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Dr strings are 12 pounds in uk, whereas elixirs are about 8 pounds, ernies are about 4 - 5 pounds, d'addario's about 4 - 5 pounds. perhaps america is getting the best prices for strings as well. well if dr's are chaeper than elixir then try em out. string feel is pretty subjective i guess, but the dr's just feel really responsive and less tinny.

on music123.com the dr extralife's are US$2 more than the elixir nanowebs.
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...with default strings...

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