like 12's or sumthin
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what kind of metal.....for thrash type metal GHS makes a Zakk Wylde set that's pretty good but if you play like black metal or death metal you'll need a really thick gauge string
It all depends. Sometimes if you get really heavy gauge strings, you pick-ups won't mesh well, and you'll get a very muddy/grungy sound especially with a starter guitar.

I'd suggest 11's. They're thicker than normal, but not excessively heavy.
Try some 10-52 Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom. Good for rhytum and lead. Those or 11's
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i find ghs strings really artifical, like the feel of them is kinda bad. they sound alright though, i guess if your distorting than it doesn't realyl matter. try elixirs , and my favourite - DR's, but of course try GHS as well after all they might suit you and your guitar better and feel better in your hands.

but yer back to your guage question. 11's would be the go i reckon. Metallica is mostly always in standard tuning except for their newer albums which imo aren't really worth playing and the odd drop tuned song like sad but true.