Aloha, I'm sort of a beginner so please can someone help?. I'm having very much difficulties with strumming to a song that im trying to learn. Learning the chords are going smooth but when it comes to strumming, I get stressed out. I'm trying to learn the song "best of me" from starting line. Do you know the strumming patterns for this song? if so please place them on this board. Thanks.
Not 100% sure, i just looked at this for the first time, but I know the song:

Guitar 1:
B|--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--|--0--| x3

Strum D,DUD for the first chord....then do UD for the following chord.
So D,DUD for 001220 and then UD for 00220-
Then D,DUD for 00442 and then UD for 00424
and so on...i didnt check the rest of the song lol