something i came up with last night

All That I Hold Dear

You know what?
I can't take this crap anymore.
I'm tired of all the bull****
no more!

Am I damned to destroy all I hold dear?

I hate this
the way I feel about you.
I'm sorry but this is just to much to take anymore.
I'm going to end it all here tonight.
and I dont think you'll care
just let me do it!

Am I damned to destroy all I hold dear?

Let my lungs fill with this blood from my shattered heart.
I didnt want to do this, end it this way, but you let me no choice.(Its all your fault!)
destroying all I hold dear
but I'm sick and tired.
I cant hurt if i dont love(Never Again!)
so I'll destroy all I hold dear.

Am I damned to destroy all I hold dear?

They cant hear you scream, no one can help you now.
My dear...goodnight.
This is my last goodbye(GOODBYE!)before the gun goes off
and the paramedics come rushing in.
I didnt see the phone off the hook.


Smoking gun in hand
blood drenched bodies hit the floor
a higher body count whats the point?
I love the sight, smell, TASTE!
Another shot in the night, right through the heart

Murder suicide is what the cops called it...
Happy Valentines day my dear.
for the most part i don't think the words in parenthesis added anything to it, i would just leave them out. at the end of the second verse thing i think you could drop the 'just let me do it!'.
I love the sight, smell, TASTE!-- that didn't really have to do with anything else in the poem.

I didnt see the phone off the hook.-- personally i didnt understand what this line meant.

anyways this was just as good as most of the stuff on the forum. personally i thought it was a bit too emo. crit mine if youd like

I've seen emo-er.

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