Okay, I want to buy all the equipment neccessary for recording guitar and vocals onto my computer. I've searched online and in this forum, but I can't really understand any of this terminology used when describing software and equipement. From my research, I thought Adobe Audition looked the best as a recording program, but then again, I am clueless. Alongside Audition, I have no idea what else to buy other than the mics ( I have decided to buy a couple dynamic and one condenser) and a decent soundcard. All the 'compression' and 'filters' and 'pre amps' and all sorts of other terms are just baffling me, because I have no idea what any of that means.

So...am I right in choosing Audition? If not, what is the best recording program for under $500. Also, what kind of soundcard should I buy and what brands of microphones are the best? What else do I need to buy to make my recordings sound professional. I'd like to spend less than $2000 as well, but no more than $3000...if that's possible!

Thanks in advance!