i don't know much about guitars (i only have one and i dont know what it is.)

and i was woundering if any one knew who makes doublenecks and how much do they cost.

they look freakin awsome and sound good from this coheed and cambria video i saw.

and if anyone is planning to be a stuck up dick on this thread just forget it.
i know gibson and epiphones makes double necks (the sg model)
thats all i know of, the epiphone model isnt too expensive, it depends on your budget

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i know gibson and epiphones makes double necks (the sg model)
thats all i know of, the epiphone model isnt too expensive, it depends on your budget

cool thx.
Ibanez also make one (the dude from Ska band Reel Big Fish uses one). and i know Slash from gunners has one which is acoustic and electric, but im not sure who made it.. try www.slashonlin.net or .com or something to find out

Also, i think BC Rich might make one or two..

Id recommend going to google and searching for manufacturers websites, and just have a look around.

Check Gibson, Ibanez, Jackon, Dean, etc etc.
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here is a double neck from epiphone


and here is a gibson model


i know that ovation make an acoustic verson of the double neck, it wasnt too expensive, any where from 300-600 depending on your guitar store, at mine it was priced at 400.00 i think

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Gibson, Epiphone, OLP, Agile, ESP, Ibanez, etc.

Most companies have/will make a custom doubleneck.
The one that Claudio uses is a Gibson SG, but they only sell them as reissues
( I Think).

Gretsch also makes doublenecks and so does Epiphone. Epiphone has the same model at a lower price.


cut back on coheed and cambria. listen to more zeppelin

p.s. if this is what you want, i hope you got some cash on you
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welcome home **** yeah, hahaha a little gibson rockin out. schecter, fender, prs, gibson, epiphone all sorts of people make doublenecks. the one you want is the gibson tho, if you put emgs in it i will kill you
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Are there any double necks where the necks point in opposite directions? like michael angelo's
Well, there's always Mike Batio's...

Vai has one too.

But they're not factory models, no.
Isn't the gibby/epi doubleneck extremely uncomfortable and heavy? At least from what I've heard.

That and I've never really seen Page looking too laid back and happy when strumming out stairway with it.