Why thank you . I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm sorry it wasn't longer, someone came in (you can hear the door open) and started getting pissed off.
I like the tone, there's something wrong with the bends towards the beginning, but it's a very good solo and it keeps being interesting while you listen to it. If I were you I'd record it again though, because it has some flaws here and there that I'm sure you could avoid because you can clearly hear from the recording that you are a good player.
Check mine out please https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=399418
Thanks for listening. Yeah I admit I made loads of mistakes. It was sort of a two take thing. The first take was just to get the feel of the track. Listening to it again I would probably add loads of things like octaves some funky rythms with the wah-wah and whatnot. I'll find another backing track on the site and spend a bit more time on it when I can.
I listened to your song which was really good, nice work there.
Sounded great. A few things sounded a little off but other than that it was great. Hopeully my improving skills will be up that eventually. Thanks for the crit earlier.
hell yeah man.. you have a good sense of phrasing and tension.. that riff that starts at 1:05 is especially kickass! like a couple people said it was a little sloppy at points but you've got the skills man.. i'll look up more of your stuff on dmusic when i get a chance
Thanks man. I would like to correct the mistakes but i find that if i spend too long trying to record a solo (5 takes+) I lose interest and all emotion in it, which is damn annoying.
Thanks for the compliment I listened to your blues track for the top dog thing with envy. Well done on that; amazing.