No one posted the last few times I posted this topic. So ill try again.
Me going into a guitar store and trying out different pups in my guitar isn't really going to happen. So give me some idea on what I should do..

For my fender CIJ Jag. I need new pups.
Just something a bit more higher output. But I don't want to loose the surfy tone.
Cool Rails
Are what I had in mind. They all fit nicely into my guitar and bring out the tone.
My mind is more set one of the last two.
Could I do a combination? Would they work well with each other?
Say putting a JB Jr in the Bridge and Cool rais in the neck pup. Any other combinations?
Well remeber that rails and JB jr. are SC sized hmbuckers, so you wont have as surfy ton e(JB jr is also very high output i think).

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For you:
Swineshead Pyro in bridge
Swineshead Spotlight in neck

Or maybe BKP Irirsh tourss if you can afford them.
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I know they are, that's what I was after. But i've read many Jag guides that support the JB Jrs for keeping the surfy tone.

The swineshead pups wouldn't fit in my Jag.