i think there is many threads on this, but i'd say learn some scales and modes and a bit of theory so you dont sound like ****, then work on some exercises or scales to build your speed. Start slow so you dont develop sloppy and all over the place. Thats my advice
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like I said to someone else about 5 minutes ago, get a teacher if you don;t already. Or learn yourself by:
learning scales for a start
learning modes and how to switch between them etc.
practice simple exercises like this:
e ---0--1--2--3--4-
B -0--1--2--3--4
on all the strings up and down, to improve finger strength and accuracy, and practice hammer ons, pull offs and alternate picking (denoted in tab with ^ and v )

hope that helps
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Quote by chuck953688
Buy and use a metronome religously

i concur.
Youtube covers

do that 0-1-2-3-4 thing every time you play all the way down and back up if you can be bothered, but alternate pick on it, get faster each time you do it, eventually you'll be able to try some small shred then keep learning modes and scales and stuff, umm just carry on with that sort of stuff and you'll get there, i only know about 5 or 6 scales and i've already dived in to some satriani lol
Learn your modes, learn your basic pentatonic scales, learn what ever scale you want.
Practice them fast, until you are happy with the speed you are at. Then you can start taking out pieces, adding pieces wherever you feel like and you can start calling those little pieces of shred "licks".

Then they have other types of shred instead of the basic running up and down of scales. Some other techniques are
-Double Hand Tapping
-Sweep Picking
-Sweep Tapping
-Legato Shred
and a bunch more...

Whatever technique of shred you like the most, practice the most...Just remember to stay in the scale so it sounds right.
You must become a monster at theory, and then you must spend countless hours on a metrenome.
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