just bought my third guitar (first acoustic/electric) i went for i cort mr-100f. its a solidtop with an excellent sound and i would highly recommend it. also got fishburn pickup. just wondering what the 'pros' or the connesuers think of cort? i will still love it anyway i am just interested on your opinion.
Cort is a much underrated guitar brand.

I myself have the Cort Neil Zaza Signature Masterpiece (NZS-1), which is just undescribably wonderful!
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A friend of mine has a Cord. He is a professional musician. Sound to price ratio is absolutely stunning.
My friend has a Cort, something in the Earth line.
It's an awesome guitar for the money, I tried to steal it but he caught me.
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i have a cort (see sig). i love it. every inch of it . a friend of mine has on older cort electric with an awesome tone and incredible playability. my mom has a cort earth in the 200 ? price range and i started learning to play the guitar on it. it's a decent guitar for the money, better than some of the yamahas and takamines for twice the money.
i talked to a professional musician (singer/songwriter) who got rid of his gibson after he got a cort mr-something. and last but not least, my roommate plays a cort (earth series). he got new phosphor bronze strings today and it sounds incredibly sweet.

==> cort owns.

edit: i forgot, i used to sing in a worship band and the new guitarist plays a cort as well. it's from the mr series and it's pretty sweet too.
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cheers that reassuring.

yer i recommend cort now. when i was going to find a guitar i hadnt even contemplated cort (cause i hadnt really heard of it, or heard it talked about) but it was a good choice, for the money. most other guitars at that price are just laminated crap.