Charvel guitars, i cant seem to find out much about them, a guy i know has got one but thats all i know, good for metal/shred, good sustain and versatile, does anyone know anything else or have any website links or soemthing?
I played a 80's charvel sandimas bass and it felt good but it had a broken nut and worn-as-hell-out strings so I can't really comment on the sound but if they are expensive they're ussually good.
kk, i suppose thats helped a bit, i want to know if its worth getting one at some point, cos this guy i know thinks they are really good guitars but i dont actually know how good they are, and whats the cheapest? I'd have about £400 to spend and it looks like i'm getting and ibanez s470dxqm but if these charvels are good and in my price range i would get one
kk i wont bother with charvel till i get the money then, but i still want to know the quality, i've heard this guy i know do a perfect cover of andrew WK's party hard with this charvel (and a drum machine) but i'm not sure if thats the guitar or his skill, his amp isnt too great either and this song was perfect literally, so are these guitars good quality sound?