Hi there.

I am still looking for a new amp, for those who remember my previous thread, I couldn't get one due to some personal ****, therefore I couldn't save up...

So, now that's behind me, I've been looking at a amp. I 'fell in love' with This Vox.

Specs for those who don't like links, or can't read dutch.

Vox Ac15

* 15 watt tube amp
* 1x 12" custom speaker 16 ohm
* tremelo, reverb and mastervolume
* topboost channel
* footswitch included

Price: 600 euro's, 758.349 USD, but I'll probably lease, which will probably be 30 euro's, or 38 USD every month.

I play Metallica, Megadeth, some Slayer, Manowar(, and some random stuff) and somehow it really suited this, IMO. I saw there's a user on this forum who also uses this amp for this music (that second is a guess), so if he could give me some feedback, that'd be great.

I've played it at that shop, with a Jackson Kelly Ke2 a few days ago, and it sounded like, as intraweb boys call it, 'teh sex'. Now, I have a Stagg X300, which of course doesn't sound exactly like a Kelly.

So, should I do this? I'm really not in the position to save up, since the next disaster is just around the coner, but I do know I can miss 30-40 euro's every month, no matter what.

Thanks for your time, and maybe replies.

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Try the Stagg with it, see what you think.

They're amazing amps, but I couldn't imagine it doing the stuff you said, but if it does, oh well!
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