I play mostly metal and i usually have my mids set really low to get a really heavy sound but when i solo or play leads the sound of the guitar is drowned by the rest of the band and you can barely hear anything.

Since im planing on using the distortion of my marshall mg50dfx i thought of getting a pedal that could enhance my mids, gain and make a lot of noise so that i can hear myself. The two main options would be either a big muff or a dod yjm308 preamp overdrive.

Also another option would be to use my korg ax1500g but i don't really like the sound of it and it gets a little more complicated.

I'd like to know which do you think would be the best option for a good sounding simple rig, if what im trying to do is reasonable and wont **** up my sound and if it does what are the other options.
You could just get yourself a nice EQ pedal and set it to boost your mids when you want to play leads or a solo. Should enable you to cut right through. The MXR 10 band is great but a bit pricey and if your going for cheap, the Danelectro Fish N Chips does a good job for its price.
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Ever thought about getting a new amp? Instead of shelling out on pedal's to make the ****ty MG50 sound good, look at new amp's. If you play mostly metal look into the Roland Cube 60 or a Peavey Valve King, very decent amp's at reasonable prices. Also, the Ax1500g is an amazing pedal, maybe you should spend a little more time tweaking the settings and patches to your own style and then see if you still want to go for a new pedal/amp. (It took me age's to 'really' get to grip's with the Korg and now I love it)
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yea i guess you're right ill just have to kind of explore the korg.
do you have any advice to give me on how to get cool stuff out of the korg?
You can get some wicked tone from the 'Vulgar' patch on the Korg. Its based on Dime's tone and sounds really good on its second setting. Mess around with the treble and bass on your amp and see how it sounds. Good luck
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I had the korg for a little while to mess around with, You can easily get some great tones out of it, Just mess with the vulgar setting like somebody said and just tweak the eq. its not easy to learn, just read the manual.
I had that problem too
I got a SD-1(boss super overdrive) or you can get a regular boss overdrive pedal
but the sd-1 makes it louder and you can add more gain orwhatever to your solos..It also allows you to play easier and it gives some pretty good sustain although i use a mxr dyna comp for that.
Hope it helped
I have a Boss Metal Zone MT-2, and it's relatively good, much better than the amp. If you can switch between them, you can get it to sound really good.
EQ pedal, like said, would be the best bet.

Beyond that, your amp needs an upgrading.