whats the differece between a humbugging (or double) pick up and a standard one?
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a humbucker will sound fuller and have more output that a standard single coil, plus they also reduce the hum caused by excessive gain.
depends really, if your using a max gain sound with single coil's then i suppose it could classed as excessive gain......dunno probabaly just not the word im looking for to describe it

its humbucking

now to answer the question
single coil pickups (what you refer to as standard) are very noisey and great for cleans.
humbuckers have a magnet twice the size of the magnets on the back of the single coils. they generally aren't noisey and don't hum, hence the name "Humbuckers". They generally don't sound as good for cleans as the single coils do, but they are amazing at distorted sound, assuming you have a good one
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Technical answer to your question:

A single coil pickup is just that: a magnet or series of small magnets (called "pole pieces") wrapped in wire. When a magnet is wrapped in wire and fed electricity, it becomes an electromagnet, which is what happens with a standard, magnetic guitar pickup. The field produced by the magnet turns anything that vibrates through the field into an electrical charge, such as a vibrating steel string. But because there is only one magnet, it produces a magnetic field of a single polarity. This field will pickup any other electromagnetic fields that happen to be in the area, such as from a lamp, a computer monitor, or other electronic equipment. That's what you're hearing when it hums.

What a humbucker does is take two electromagnets, puts them together, and makes one the opposite polarity of the other. These two fields, then, will not be succeptible to outside electromagnetic fields.

As far as tonal differences, refer to the posts above, although I disagree that humbuckers can't get great cleans. Most jazz guitarists prefer the warmth and fullness a humbucker offers.
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boy, and nobody mentions that this thread is in the wrong forum. electric guitar/guitar gear and accessories, buddy.

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