I'm looking around for a decent practice amp. I don't need anything more than 50w as I will never be gigging with it, just playing at home with a drummer and bassist (bass player has a Roland Cube 30 Bass Amp, but we usually keep the volume down, he doesn't play too loud) or practicing by myself.

I mainly play with my Agile AL-2500 LP copy, which has two hums on it, and mostly play blues/classic-rock type stuff. I'd like something that has some effects, headphone out, and line in, along with decent cleans so I've been looking at the Vox AD15VT, Randall EX15FX, and the Microcube. I'd like to keep the budget around $150
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The 15w Vox probably won't be loud enough to play with a drummer, unless he has a soft touch or plays with brushes. The Microcube definitely won't. It's 5w with a tiny speaker, so it won't move a lot of air. Not familiar with the Randall, but I assume it only has 15w, so you'll have the same problem as you would with the Vox. You should save up about $200 more and get the Vox AD50VT, which is the only Valvetronix amp worth buying (besides the 100w or the head).
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Roland Cubes are nice... my only complaint with mine is that it has no pedal for switching between clean and distortion...

But if you already have a stomp box that you like, it's a great little amp.
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yea the drummer plays soft with the way she does percussion, and yea I have a footswitch already. The reason why I don't really want to spend a ton of money is because we already have higher end gigging equipment at another locale, I just need a good 15-30w amp for practice purposes at home but I'm not sure which one to go with. I don't really want to slippery slope down to a $300-400 amp that I only use to practice with and won't ever need all that extra power. Although the valvetronix do have the wattage adjusters so I may be willing to plump down the extra cash for a used AD30/50VT if thats a good amp worth getting over the others
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you could try an Ibanez Valbee, i never tried one but i heard they were good amps. It's a 5 watt tube amp so that would be as loud as a 15 watt transistor amp. It costs 180 euro here, that's not much for an all tube amp.
180 Euro is about $300. Anyway... Yeah, the AD50VT is definitely worth it. Don't get the AD30VT. The stock speaker is horrible. The AD50 and AD100 both use Celestion speakers, which are much better than the Vox ones in the AD30 or AD15. And the adjustable wattage does come in handy. Besides, you're talking about solid state amps, so it's more desireable to have a lot of head room anyway.
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it's about $230 and in america all guitar...things:P are cheaper. A mexican fender strat for example costs 550 euro here
Well, not ALL guitar things... For example, it's hard to get ENGL, Orange, Bareknuckles, Swineshead or any of those other European brands over here. And I actually haven't seen the ValBee on sale in the US yet. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
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i don't think valbees are made in europe...but if you can't buy them anywhere it's kinda difficult:p
I know they aren't European, but Danno mentioned the ValBee a few months ago, and it wasn't available in the US yet. Perhaps Ibanez sees a better market in Europe for such amps? Who knows... Perhaps Ibanez is a more respected amp brand in Europe. Never see people playing Ibanez amps here. And I just searched Musician's Friend for it and they don't have it yet. Man, you Europeans get all the best guitar stuff

Just kidding.
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