What are the differences between hi's low's and mid's and can someone suggest a good setting for just a good rock sound. I have a Kustom 16 watt amp with some balls on it. please hurry as I know someone will report me for being in the wrong forum or something.

sry for the Newbish question I've searched and haven't quite found the answer.
highs are higher pitch sounds, lows are the bassy sounds, and everything in between is the mids.

you want metal put your mids really low and then raise the highs and lows. you want rock, raise your lows and highs a bit. you want the most standard clean transparent sound, keep all the knobs at the middle setting.
hi's are high frequencies (treble), mids are the middle frequencies and make the sound fuller, and lows are the low frequencies (bass).

Theres an Ultimate Settings Thread stickied at the top of this forum.