I have my ghetto recording rig of my Roland Microcube for guitars and then either a keyboard for drums or a wal-mart mic on my drum set. This is a little improv with keyboard drums and 2 guitar tracks.

It is called Song 2

What do you think?

My first thought is that you should turn down the drums a bit.
The guitar improvising is a little boring to be honest. You sound like what I sounded like after a year of playing. I just couldn't improve beyond a certain point. I could do all those chromatic excersizes but the music i was making sounded pretty ****. I improved because I began feeling the music more.
My advice is that you should try 'living' the music a bit more instead of just following notes of a scale. Perhaps listening to a larger range of music or getting your heart broken would help.
Or maybe I'm absolutely wrong. I just found it a bit boring because it lacked any rythym.
If you'd like, could you critique my improv here: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=399900
thanks very much
Thanks for the crit. I am not really following scales. I just kind of feel what is sounds like and go with it. I am new to inproving and soloing really so I still lack in that area. I will keep on practicing though.
I can clearly hear that you are new to soloing... there are a lot of flaws but most of the times you were able to remain in key and that's a good thing. You should practice a lot and learn to do legato and bend properly (and i mean, to the right level and with the right speed). You also need to have more speed changes otherwise it'll sound kind of empty, and to do vibrato.