Poll: What strings do you use?
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8 through 40
1 2%
9 through 42
12 21%
9 through 46
5 9%
10 through 46
12 21%
10 through 50
3 5%
10 through 52
9 16%
11 through 50
4 7%
11 through 52
4 7%
12 through 52 with a plain G
2 4%
5 9%
Voters: 57.
Please describe what size strings you use and why.

I use DR Tite-Fits on my Gretschs and my Telecaster and on my Guild solidbody S-70, I use DR High Beams because it was already a darker sounding guitar, and now it has a Seymour Duncan Trembucker (the Duncan is going away soon, does anyone want to buy it?) so I got the High Beams because they are brighter.

The string guage I use is:

11 - E
14 - B
18 - G (plain)
28 - D
38 - A
50 - E

If DR made a set that went from 11-52, I would rather use those.

I started using the heavier strings back in the mid eighties when I learned that Hendrix used 10s. He said in an interview 'If you want to get a big sound, you have to use big strings'. So I one upped him and went to 11s.

In the early 1990s, when I learned that SRV used 12s and sometimes 13s, I went to 12s, but I couldn't find a set I liked with a plain steel 20 for the G, and I refused to use a wrapped G, and besides that, my hands started hurting all the time. I use my hands and fingers a lot in my day job, so sometimes they are already tired or hurting at night even before I start playing, and those damned 12s were killing me. So I went back to the 11s.

The other reason I stuck with the 11s is because I have two Gretschs, one has Filtertrons and the other will have filtertrons and as you may know, filtertrons are very low output pickups, with not a lot of magnetism. My larger strings compensate for the lower output of the Filtertrons.
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no string guage is represented in the poll.
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I have Nickel Rockers 11's, which are really like 12's.
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Well i use 11-48/49 because i don't like the big fat bass strings, they stand out too much and muddify my tone.

I had to switch to 11's after my 3rd set of 10's snapped on the e-string right in the middle during tuning.
Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
Ernie Ball Power Slinky 11-48
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would it affect my guitarneck and stuff if i change from 10's to 11's?

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I think I have 45-130 on my five-string and when my brother's nut gets fixed(yes, hilarious ) we're gonna put d'addario 13's on his LP.
I use D'Addario 9's. I don't really notice a difference in tone when it comes to strings though so it isn't a big deal with me. I've never gotten any heavier strings though. I've always had 9's and see no reason to change that.
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I am trying out these Daddario XL electric guitar strings, Nickel wound, medium top/heavy bottom....011, .014, .018, .030, .042, .052

I like the sound of the but they are a little too stiff for me and i will be trying some slinkey strings next.;....my cousin told me to try them because you can bend easily with them.

ill also go a little lighter on the gauge next time although i play rock so i dont want to go too light....i hate snapping strings....only thing i have snapped so far was my pick because im so damn good at playing

i use power slinkys 11-48, good balance of thickness and not having super heavy bass strings.
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I use Ernie Ball 10's thats all I need to know....
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