My cousin - who up till this past week was the drummer in the same band as I - has gone and started a new band with a few of his friends. This, of course, means that he doesn't have time to practice with the band that I'm in. I'm fine with it, really, because I found a new drummer two weeks ago and was trying to figure out which way to go.

Anyway, these kids - and I can say that because they range from 15 to 17 years old - are really talented musicians. They played their first three-song set in front of about 250 people last night, and totally rocked the joint.

Since I already have a lot of equipment in my garage (including my cousin's drums), I volunteered to let them practice there and spare the hearing and sanity of their parents. It's understood, of course, that if they break it, they buy me a new one.

So, is there anything else that I can do to help these guys out? I've got some multitrack software that they can use if they want to record, and I'm willing to help them get a demo CD put together. If that happens, what would be the best way to go about copyrighting the music? Could I, with their consent, serve as a representative, set up a DBA (Doing Business As) for them, and manage their money and copyrights until they are old enough to handle such things themselves?

And is there anything else that anyone can think of that I should be wary of, or take precautions against? Or anything that I should do to help them out? I figure that, since I'm 27, I've got no shot whatsoever of making a career out of music. These kids, on the other hand, could make a tidy living at it.

Thanks for reading, ya'll.

get their stuff online. Internet is just another reason why so many people are making it big in the industry today.

Get them to write some songs, record, and put them on something like myspace were people will see them.

Make demo CD's and ship them places. Make people want more of their music.

But they gotta be good.

Gigs don't hurt either.

As for copyrights I wouldn't worry about that quite yet.
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the easiest way of copyrighting is writing down the lyrics, chord sheet and place them all including a demo into an envelope and posting them to the copyright holders do not open it unless there is a lawsuit
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I recommend just going to Barnes & Noble and buying 2 books:

How to Be Your Own Booking Agent by Jeri Goldsmith
Self-Promoting Musician by Peter Spelling

Those will answer all of your questions and more.
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Is there anywhere other than myspace that I could use? Someplace that hasn't seen so much negative media attention lately? Some parents aren't too crazy about it, y'know.

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you could use purevolume.com, it's basicly myspace only more based around music
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