The breasts plastered all along the walls;
Hoofbeats waking sordid vagrants
In droves,
All along the breakfast hour.

Virgin Screaming!

Shut the doors,
Cast shadow over dust
Trails and dusky relics.

Vague tapestries,
Highlight moonshine monopoly,
Greet foe and mercenary,
In cool congenial mimicry.

Spending the better part of moments,
Saving moments,
Stifled in polo frock memory.

Up the road,
Black and bat-traveled,
The stables--grim
Gate-locked purgatories--
Smell like cigarette

But in our marble lobby,
Our glistening greedy hobbies,
Sing sweetly of cherished hate.

Vague tapestries,
Comfortable in short servility,
Baste the better parts of moments
In self-same futility.
Jesus wept.
Wow, that was really dark and macabre. I liked it. Even though it lacked rhyming, it still flowed very well. The language was excellent. Keep up the good work, man.

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