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11 55%
9 45%
Voters: 20.
gt, haven't i heard this before? well.. once again, very good. i still can't get over those pinch harmonics! also that one riff that you use as a theme is killer and is really what steals the competition.. yet again i find myself voting for you. i guess you must be good at guitar or something?

vortex, this was a tough call for me but gt's track just made me groove out more.. the harmonized guitars and that solo where the backing track stops were the highlights of the song and had me really jamming out but it just seemed to lack the soul that gtgram's had, can't explain it really..

you guys have a very similar style and tone and both were great tracks.. gtgram had a little better technique and better melody so he got the vote.

Looks like an interesting challenge... Alpine is right, we have really similar styles... let's see how it goes.
Gtg - you are an alright player, some good phrases... Not very complicated but still sounds cool, it's pretty easy to get into, You seem to do these small quarter step bend type things that are out of tune though, make sure any bend you do is in tune

Cool - It just felt really square, like a robot, had some cool parts though

My vote went to the gtgram guy
the quarter step bends are tension builders, ala bbking(actually the 3rd on the g string is techincally flatter than the corresponding E string one...due to the nature of frets...but I dont nearly have the control to bend to perfect pitch there..though I wish i could), It may be out of tune, but so is the b5...also my b string was out of tune and I didn't know it(that may have contributed to what you heard)....listen to the root right after the tapping lick, its pretty out...

But anyways, I do know what I'm playing...and thus could remain "in key" if I so desired. I just like the wailing grit your teeth tensionness of it.
I'm all About Cool for one he took you out on that main riff Gtg but you did have some kool licks over all i just liked Cool's Style

I voted for Cool
I think more people should critique... I mean, on 11 just 3 people gave reasons for what they voted, it'd be interesting to know why. That's just my opinion though
i likeed vortexs more, it had more variation, seemed kinda cleaner too, nice playing, and the harmonizing was pretty cool
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Quote by Coolvortex
I think more people should critique... I mean, on 11 just 3 people gave reasons for what they voted, it'd be interesting to know why. That's just my opinion though

Thats what people are supposed to do, the random votes are annoying. The main point of this competition is the criticism, the winning and losing part makes it fun but like seriously...its a guitar forum contest started by some dude(me). It's not even an accurate representation of this site's talent, If we got some of the shred forum guys over here(who are...against competition) we'd all get shat on. The Top Dog thread is for criticism with comparison, the comp part just makes it cool SO PLEASE TELL US WHY YOUR MAKING YOUR VOTES
Wow, you guys both were great. Could definitely own me anyday of the week....but anyways heres how it matched out.
GT- didnt like your tone towards the end, dunno what effects pedal or whatever, but didnt like it, great flow and smooth playing, was really good IMO, but the PH's got a little annoying after a while.
Cool- Liked your tone a lot, a little robotic as the others said, but it had some good flowing parts, i liked your fills or whatever they were a bit better, and your P.H.'s didnt annoy me.

Therefore i voted for cool. but basically, GT you could still kick my arse anyday. I Bow to both of you, well done.
Seems like I lost... well I can still be happy, it was just for two votes. Congrats gtgram. I'll probably try metal now.