I have an AIMS amp. They were distributed by Randall. I really can't find too much out about this company. The story I got may or may not be true. I heard that when CBS bought Fender, they fired 4 engineers whose initials were A, I, M & S and they started the A.I.M.S company.

On the power side, this amp uses 6550s. It's 120 watts and it has the sweetest tremelo I have ever heard. It is amplitude sensitive. When you strike a note or chord lightly, it tremelos a lot, but if you strike it heavily, it doesn't tremelo at all until the signal begins to decay. As the signal decays, the tremelo increases. Very nice. I talked to the guys at Butler Audio about it and they were pretty fascinated by it.

Anyway, I want to do some modifications to it. Can someone recommend a tech who is really good with offbeat amps?