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None, I just check this forum for fun
3 1%
1 Guitar
48 15%
2 Guitars
87 28%
3 Guitars
70 22%
4 Guitars
49 16%
5 or more
55 18%
Voters: 312.
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3 only one im proud of tho

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DiGiorgio acoustic (Brazilian brand)
Some other brazilian brand acoustic
Washburn J28SDL
Epiphone Les paul Custom
Fender American Strat

Edit: I've ordered the strat, but its not coming until tomorrow (I know it will be here tomorrow )
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Three too, see my sig.
1980s Copy of Les Paul [unknown brand]
1980s Acoustic [unknown brand]
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
DIY Tubescreamer TS808
Carlsbro Kickstart 25 amp

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My Tube Screamer Build
i only own one at the moment (i have no clue what type it is) but in a month i'll have a B.C. Rich mockingbird to add to my collection.
Gibson les paul studio
Schecter C-1 Classic
Ovation 12 String accoustic-electric
Fender Telecaster

Schecter C-5 bass
Well technically, i only HAVE one but the second one will be here within the days, so im counting it as 2.

Ibanez SA160
Agile 3000 w/p90s
Recordings of me and my band in my profile
I have 6 acoustic guitars
an Ibanez 1570
a strat style epi
a fernandez
a luthier made teli copy
Not taking any online orders.
Quote by B.C. Rich Fan
i only own one at the moment (i have no clue what type it is) but in a month i'll have a B.C. Rich mockingbird to add to my collection.

I have two, one acoustic, one electric: One Jim Deacon, One Ibanez RG.

Now about the BC Rich, I need to ask, because i feel the need to warn you, do you know much about guitars, are you relatively young, just developing a taste in music, etc. I'm not being patronising, and if you are older, sorry about this, but i made this mistake about 2 years ago:

I saw the mockingbird, platinum, thought, "****IN' COOL", bought it. At the time i was just getting into heavy music, the tone suited me, not that i knew much about tone at all. I was pretty fickle, and i was just listening to what was cool. I hate the really heavy stuff now, and back then, it took eight months for me to realise it was a stupid buy, and i sold it on, losing a good amount of money in the process. I'm just trying to help here, so no flaming about Slash using one or whatever, and if you are experienced and it's cool for you, then i send my apologies beforehand. But for me, it was a really big waste of money, and I'm trying to spare anyone else like me that while ago, the same mistake i made.
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Why Thank You.
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DiGiorgio acoustic (Brazilian brand)
Some other brazilian brand acoustic
Washburn J28SDL
Epiphone Les paul Custom
Fender American Strat

Edit: I've ordered the strat, but its not coming until tomorrow (I know it will be here tomorrow )

that acoustic sounds nice and I own 3. ones my terrible strat copy, and then I have a Jay jr steel string acoustic and a Hecruz nylon string acoustic which my mom bought in columbia when she went there cause I was taking lessons for classical stuff like fingerpicked songs and stuff and it wasnt to great with my steel string.
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
Two at the moment. Washburn WI14 Electric, and a Washburn D10S Acoustic.
My Gear:

Washburn WI14 Electric
Washburn D10s Acoustic
Marshall MG100HDFXR Special Edition
Marshall MG412AR Special Edition

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^Xenn is my favorite MG owner EVAR.

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^ Xenn fav MG user evar
2 acoustic (not sure on makes)
epihpone SG special
a fairly old tanglewood LP (has old logo not sure on the year)

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if he does not post pics, he obviously has installed a pickup and bridge on his house broom for some brutal sweep picking.

A Squier Affinity Stratocaster and a Yamaha F-310 Acoustic.
My Gear:

Squier Affinity Stratocaster w/ SD Hot Rails (Bridge)
Yamaha F-310 Acoustic

Peavey Studio Pro 112
VOX AD50VT Valvetronix
Ross Fame Series Bass 50

BOSS DS-1 Distortion
BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay
'04 Gibson Firebird Studio and a '04 Epiphone Les Paul 100 (starter guitar)
Current Rig:
Gibson Firebird Studio
Limited Edition Schecter 35th Anniversary C-1
Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 FR
Ashdown Fallen Angel
Custom 7 Firebird from Ignition Custom Guitars (check them out)
ESP Phoenix
picked 2 but I own three. Two electrics and my acoustic
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4, my Strat (favourite guitar), my electro/acoustic, my 1st guitar (LP copy....crap) and a classical acoustic I bought last week for £9.99
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
I own a washburn acoustic, a jay turser strat copy and an epiphone les paul standard.
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dose and theiir in my sig
My Rig
>MIM Fender Stratocaster and SX SJM-62
>various magicial noise boxes
>Peavey Classic 50 212

For the funk:
>Ibanez ATK300
>Acoustic B100
4 and three of them are in my sig, the other one is a johnson acoustic
one... a squier sg (surprised, me 2) but i'm getting a new one (see sig)
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Squier SG (Specs Unknown)
Kustom KGA-10 Ten watt practice amp
Marshall TSL 602

My JEM Build
Quote by ssguitar
3 only one im proud of tho

lmao, same here: Ibanez RG2EX2 (Proud of), J. Reynold's Double Cutaway Strat (Ashamed of), and Oscar Schmidt Acoustic (****ty).

**edit** holy ****, someone else actually bought a Kustom KGA10! I hear you seek!
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Not all of them are in my sig. I only put the ones that I use in there
Fender Mexican strat, squire strat, westfield strat, 3 classicals, 2 acoustics, 2 basses. more and more, i dunno, I'm not counting.

To many!
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I currently own 4...

A Gibson Standard SG (my fav)
A Hammer Echotone (semi hollow body)
An epiphone acoustic
And some kinda Jasmine Classical guitar
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Instruments owned by me or my family that I've used more at one point or another

Squier Precision Bass - Still got her, defretted and starting to sticker 'er up.
Olympia Short scale acoustic - Technically little brother got it (he wanted some instrument after I got the electric bass) but I messed around with it a lot. Still have it.
First Act Child-size acoustic - screwed around a bit... I wanna defret that too to get more practice defretting. Still have it.
Fender Jazz bass - Still got it, my favorite bass to work with cuz it's very easy to mod. I've trimmed the neck down, changed the bridge, put in a pickup cover, I'm going to add a white pearl pickguard and a normal style jazz chrome plate, and I wanna change out the pickups.
Fender Acoustic - Played a bit, enjoyable, now for sale.
Ibanez SR506 - Six string bass, one of the best 6'ers I've ever played, awesome bass. Very enjoyable.
USA Fender Stratocaster - Sweet guitar, uncle bought for 400 he gave it to me I enjoyed it free for a while, then sold it for him for 680 dollars (In exchange for his guitar amp, which when I sell all the money stays w/ me)
2 electrics and 1 acoustic.
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Four guitars (AND a bass), plus one with a broken headstock (Found in a garbage, a friend painted it as an Objet Dárt), two amps, one keyboard, a banjo, a mandolin, an accordian, a shamisen, a sitar, some ethnic drums (Beatnik, bongos), and two other stringed instruments I can't identify. Everything except for the four guitars, the bass, and the keyboard are my dad's even though he can't play since he fell ill. My guitars include -

Gibson SG special faded w/ Iommi in bridge
Danelectro '56 U2 Standard
Alvarez acoustic (Fifteen or so years old, so I don't know the model. I've looked with the serial and model number, but I can't find anything.)
Taylor BigBaby acoustic
Dean 09 Edge bass

Amps -

Peavy 15w blazer 158 (Small, concise, great cleans, my first amp)
Vox AD30VT

I also have three pedals. An MXR distortion, an Mc3 microchorus, and a george dennis wah.
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