I went to the store to look at a used jcm 800, but was detoured by a new mesa--the stiletto deuce. I liked it for its marshall-ish sound, which i'm fond of, and greater versatility than the jcm 800. Problem is , I don't know whether i tried out the 05 model or the apparently revoiced 06 model.

What do you guys think of this amp in general? Has anyone tried both an 05 and 06 model-- if so what differences did you notice?

Just in case it matters, the one i would consider buying is the stiletto ace head, which is a 50 watter.
I have tried both and am deperately looking for work and anyt type of odd job to get this Ace.

The duece was quite nice, imo much better than the DSL, but not $500 better. Then when they released the new Ace, i was sold. The cleans are great, the tite and fluid channels have been reworked and with more tightness and more gain, and even more low end. Now this time it's definately worth the extra $500 imo.
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No, i've never seen them sold online. The only exception that i know of is ebay, which is obviously different than retail.