Get the S470.

My friend has the RG350DX (the white one), and it's falling apart.
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im great at sweeping but horrible at pinch harmonics

on this one.. .go with the S series between the two.. its a lot more comfortable and plays a bit better than the rg..
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S470 for sure. IMO the S470 looks better then the RG350. The S470 also has an amazing trem. It is super smooth. Since both guitars have an H/S/H setup, Im pretty sure you would be able to get a wide variety of sounds out of them.
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S series, the trem on the 350 sucks
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Alright thanks. And as a side note, those are quality trems right? I don't want to be messing with it al the time.
S470. The trem is HAWT
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