I've been playing guitar for about 7 years, and have never taken lessons. I played trumpet before that so I can read music but when I got a guitar I didn't really take the time to learn scales and where each note was. I mostly just learned chords and after 7 years of messing around with tabs I can play pretty well.

But back to the question, do most of you read music or do you just use tab? I'm thinking about going back to page 1 and getting a guitar book and learning all the stuff I should of learned when I first started.
I know both
tab i use more
but knowing sheet music allows you to learn more into modes and scales etc imho
I play other instruments, like trombone, so I can read music (Bass clef only). But not guitar music. I could probably read and play bass music off the sheet pretty well. Tabs are doin me fine for now, been playing for a little over two years.
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you don't have to be able to read sheet music to learn notes, scales, chords, or modes.

I can't, and I know a good amount of theory.
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I play by ear/tabs. Reading music to learn scales isn't much different than looking at tab and reading intervals to learn scales.
I can do both but tabs are prefered as it is often much faster to show the fret then what is sharp or flat throughout the music and having to read. Music is just so slow unless you memorize it
I can do both but reading tabs is a lot easier. But knowing both means if I come across some sheet music being sold cheaply (like a Jimi Hendrix one I came across last week) and it's not in tab form, I can still use it.
I can read bass clef no problem, but kinda suck at treble, so I prefer tabs for guitar, either one for bass, especially with all those ****in ledger lines for low guitar
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I play other instruments so I can read music but I haven't done much with it for guitar. I could read music for guitar but it would take a little while for me to sit there and figure out what the notes are. I suppose it would be much easier if you memorized the fretboard though. Also guitar is different than a lot of other instruments because there are many ways to play the same notes so you have to figure that out too. For these reasons I prefer tabs, but I'll try to be able to read music fluently like I can for other instruments.
I know some amazing guitarist that only use tabs. Its very doable to be able to solo, improvise and play amazingly without it.

But I think in the long run, it really helps with learning theory, but I dont know, i can barely read music
Tabs. I couldn't read music if the directions to the center of the universe was written in music (pretty stupid but you get it)
I read both sheet music and tab. I've been playing piano for the past 8 years of my life and guitar for 5, so it's kinda impossible for me NOT to be able to read music.

I usually don't need any written music to figure out a song though, I'm told I have an excellent ear.
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I use tabs, though, I have been learning alot of scales and theory and such. I know how to write music in tabs and sheet form...but to read it on the spot would take me a short while to transpose.
i used to just use tabs but i made myself learn sheet music. I have found that it gives you an edge over most people in terms of music theroy and versitility.
I tend to learn tabs from magazines and they have the music above them, I tend to use the tab for the fingering and then use the music above for the rhythm, it's sort of a hybrid. I can read music to some extent but I'm still learning.
I read both, I prefer sheet music because it keeps me sharp on my site reading. I use tab alot though because it's found most commonly on the net. I think reading music has helped me alot though, because it doesnt take me forever to figure everything out on sheet music anymore, I can just look at it and play.
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I do not read music outside of school. Only in guitar class do i read music. I use to play violin and was never good at reading music but i managed to get by.
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