OK so the next 2 weeks im gathering all the resources i need to put together a lesson on tone, including sections on slash/page/hendrix/frusciante. It will be structured with parts about how to use certain common rigs and equipment, what guitars to use for general tones of famous artists, some examples on the complex diversity and exploration guitarists go to to find certain tone (J.Frusciante), and how to use pedals to get that sound. So this will take a while and i need a few pointers as it will be my first lesson (but my second guide on a site). So can all you experiened UG'ers post some links to threads about tone or something that will help? thanks. Or if you say "do it yourself" then thats cool.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
So i type Guns N Roses into "search band/artist" (tried both) and it gives nothing? That helps....
Guitargeek hasn't been updated since 2004. And I've noticed that hardly any band I type comes up. so it might be having problems.
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frusciante? His tone really isn't that good. Get some more variety, try someone like Jeff Beck or Buddy Guy.