Hey all,

Hi, Im new. And I have a question. I just bought a Martin DXK2. I bought it slightly used and a little bit of the rosette has been worn away by the last player. There is no pick guard. I would like to put a pick guard on the guitar so that nothing more happens to this beautifull guitar.

I really love the plain look and dont want to slap a solid piece of plastic to the front. Heres where my question goes. Do you think it would hurt the finish on the guitar if I made a satin laminate pick guard? I wonder if the adhesive would do anything. I have seen someplace that you can buy a laminate specific for making a pick guard. I work at a graphics place and I can have a custom laminate piece made to fit my guitar. Does this sound like a bad idea?

Thanks, Graig
I have some doubts. This laminated formicalike stuff is rather thick and stiff, so I would expect it to muffle up the soundboard (I removed a piece like that from an old laminated twelve string dreadnought recently and this didn't make any audible difference whatsoever, but that surely was because it wasn't a Martin) Laminated formica is used on electric guitars, but on acoustic guitars only when mechanically separated from the soundboard, like on archtops.
Any good guitarshop, however, can sell you the self adhesive plastic sheet from which you can cut a pickguard. They'll have it in turtle (yeuch!), black or transparent and it is very easy to work with. Make a mock up from card board first that you hold in place with cellotape and take a long look. Only when you're completely satisfied with the shape you can use that as a sjablone to cut out the real thing.
I suggest going to a music store and getting a pick guard that you like and fitting it to your guitar. If you don't like it, remove it with a blow-dryer and some peanut butter. Doing this won't damage your guitar at all.
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